• Louise Adkin

New Website Is Live!

So, while we are confined to our houses i've given my website a refresh! Ready to be up and running when the world returns to normal, although i think after our experience with the Corona Virus there will be a new 'normal'.

I am working via ZOOM now, which is exciting and been really interesting and fun and has led me to do what i have been meaning to do for a long time and that is to set up workshops. I have worked for and with some very successful businesses on their marketing and sales strategies (where relevant). So, i am now bringing those to you, to create bespoke workshops for you and your business.

If you go to my bookings page you can book your time slot with me and while we are in lockdown i am running complimentary group marketing workshops. The first of which took place this week and we all agreed it was really good not only to see other human beings than those in my immediate family but also to brainstorm ideas and for me to help direct these businesses to apps and procedures to help them succeed.

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